About Us

Yinon POP Displays specializes in the designing and manufacturing of POP stands and displays. We offer our customers a wide range of display and shelving solutions made of cardboard, printed and other non printed packaging solutions and table top stands. Yinon POP Displays has over 10 years of experience in the display and printed packaging solutions field, and we accompany our clients, starting with the product specification stage, until the product is at their doorstep.

The production process includes: laying out the specifications and design needs for the display, preparing the models, printing, pressing on cardboard (mounting), cutting and final finishes and delivery. The entire production process is carried out by a team of senior, experienced and skilled in house factory staff.


The displays, stands and packaging solutions manufactured in our factory are made of corrugated cardboard, with a different level of thickness and weight, depending on the specific display or packaging strength required. For displays or packages that require high resilience we would recommend using type B/F or C/F cardboard, as these types of cardboard are very strong, while for lighter packages we would advise using single sided cardboard or type E/F cardboard.


For printing on displays, stands and packaging solutions we use the offset printing process, using the ultra printing machine, a particularly large printing machine that is capable of printing on paper sizes up to 1.00 x 1.40. Using the ultra printing machine allows us to offer our clients a wide range of sizes for their printing needs. Whether we are talking about small packaging needs, table top stands or especially large display stands, we know how to provide our clients with all their necessities according to the specifications set. Our print team has extensive experience and skill in printing high end quality displays with precision.

Quality Control

Our goal at Yinon POP Displays is to provide our clients with the best high end product, according to specified requirements. Our factory has an excellent system for quality control, implemented throughout the entire production process, starting with the raw materials, and through the printing, pasting, cutting process and ultimately the delivery of the finished product. We strive to continually improve our work process and we carry out quality inspections which ensure that our products meet the requirements . Yinon POP Displays has been certified under the in

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