How It Works


At this stage we ensure that there is a full compatibility between the display or packaging that was designed  and the prototype. We received the Iris print and the Sun print from the client, order the die cutter that is tailored to precise cutting needs, and then produce the prototype. Also,  we ensure that the Pantone colors are accurate, and that the display or packaging’s weight and dimension fit the weight and dimension of the finished product.


The printing is carried out via a 6 color ultra machine, on sheets of paper up to 1.00 X 1.40. The printing stage at our factory is conducted using printing machines which are tuned and used by an experienced professional with years of experience in the field. Accurate printing, one that highlights graphics and creates an amazing package or display, must be made by professionals with expertise and a precise eye for color accuracy.


At this stage, we provide the display with the desired strength. We press the printed paper onto the cardboard using glue injection via the lamination machine. The pressing process can be done on any type of cardboard – one sided or corrugated cardboard of different thickness, all depending on the strength required and the carrying capacity of the display or packaging.


The printed cardboard undergoes a unique die cutting process that ultimately allows folding the cardboard and providing it with a third dimension. The die screen is inserted into the cutting machine and performs the cardboard cutting and the marking on the cardboard for the specific folding requirements. Our factory has 4 manual and automatic cutting machines designed for the different sizes of cardboard. After the cutting stage we remove the cardboard from its frame.


At the pasting stage we perform the final finish of the display or packaging by using hot glue and pasting the sides of the cardboard according to the specifications set by our client. The simple pasting serves mostly for closing the edges and for the display stands the pasting process is more complex which allows the display to maintain stability of the shelves and as a whole.


After the pasting process is completed the display or packaging is ready. In order to reduce the transportation and volume cost, we flatten out the displays or packaging on wooden pallets of different sizes and heights, all according to the requirements and logistical needs of our client. Once the display or packaging arrives, it can be assembled easily and placed where necessary.